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Farmer arrested for ‘hanging’ neighbour’s goats

In a weird case of cruelty against animals, police in Embu are holding a farmer on suspicion that he hanged his neighbour’s goats to death after they strayed into his farm.

The incident in Muminji village, Mbeere North stunned locals.

The farmer, Justus Nyaga, is said to have been incensed by the frequent destruction of his crops by the goats belonging to Charles Muthungu when he seized two of them and hanged them on a tree.


Muminji local chief Isaac Ireri said the two have lived in harmony although the suspect had on several occasions reported crop destruction.

He said the two neighbours would amicably resolve their differences by either Mr Muthungu paying for the damages or being forgiven.

“He (Nyaga) has reported cases of similar nature several times. The suspect usually seizes the goats and tethers them somewhere and seeks me to mediate between them. They always resolve the issues amicably and has never escalated to these levels,” said Mr Ireri.


The chief said when the matter was reported and police arrived, the suspect, who was not remorseful, was still in his compound going about his chores.

Mr Ireri urged residents to report such cases to authorities instead of taking the law in their hands.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

Many residents of Muminji location are facing food shortage due poor rains experienced this season.