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Farmer wins Sh100m Lotto jackpot, but he’s in no hurry to spend it – PHOTOS

Mr Geoffrey Kung’u from Nyandarua County is the latest millionaire in the country after he won Sh100 million in the Lotto jackpot.

Mr Kung’u, 40, who hails from Kirima village in Rurii ward near Ol Kalou town, was announced the jackpot winner in the Lotto Shinda Mamilli Charity draw on New Year’s eve.

The small scale farmer could not hide his joy when he learnt that he had won the jackpot.

“I was in the house with my wife when l learnt that l had won the Sh100 million. At first, l didn’t believe myself,” Mr Kung’u told the Nation at his home on Sunday morning.



“I jumped up and shouted ‘hundred million’ and shocked my little children who could not comprehend what was going on,”added the father of two children, one in standard one and the other in standard five.

He attributed the big win to endless prayers as he got involved in the game.

“I started participating in October and continued on a daily basis when I could afford,” disclosed Mr Kung’u.

He revealed that it was his first time to participate in such a game and was encouraged when he won the first Sh200 and Sh250 in the month of November and December respectively.

Mr Kung’u said he will sit down with the family and deliberate on how to invest the millions.



Sina haraka ya kuanza kuzitumia”…were the words of Mr Kung’u as he wiped tears of joy.

“I will sit down with my family and get the best advice before l invest the amount. We all know that not many people have the privilege to budget for Sh100 million. I pray to God to help me and my family spend it wisely,”he explained.

He, however, disclosed that he will use part of the money to expand his farming which has been mainly in small scale.

The Lotto Shinda Mamilli Charity draw required participants to spend only Sh50 per entry with the jackpot being Sh100 million.

The announcement was a culmination of a year-long campaign in which 1.3 million Kenyans have walked away with up to Sh10 million.