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Farmer’s Choice admit selling fish ‘made in China’

Farmer’s Choice Kenya has admitted that they do import tilapia fillet from China.

Their admission comes after complaints from a customer who unknowingly bought a pack of their imported frozen tilapia fillet at a local supermarket.

The aggrieved customer took pictures of the package and posted them on social media where many Kenyans questioned why the company is importing fish from China yet Kenya has some of the best fish in the world.

But on Saturday, through a post on their Facebook page, Farmer’s Choice made the admission that indeed they import fish from China.

“We confirm that we do import tilapia fillets from an export licensed processing plant in China for onward sale in Kenya,” the statement read in part.

Their defense was that it was a sad fact that despite the press reports last year there is in fact a major shortage of tilapia in Kenya.


The company added that it ensures a high level of quality control at every stage of the process through to the final receipt of the goods by the consumers.

“Our supplier’s largest customer base is the USA and Europe and its ability to produce small fillets consistently is ideal for Kenya’s hotel and catering industry,” they said.

They blamed the dilapidated processing companies in Kenya saying that they pay duty and import levy to the Ministry of Fisheries.

“The company pays duty and an import levy to the Ministry of Fisheries and would be delighted to purchase such fillets locally but to date have been unable to identify a supplier that meets our requirements, which include quality, consistency in bulk supply and affordability.”

The company assured consumers that the tilapia fillets they sell are hygienic, safe and of the highest possible industry standards and quality.