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Fashion maverick: How flamboyant Mike Sonko is redefining style

Mike Sonko, the former Nairobi Governor who is famous for his extravagant lifestyle and flamboyant personality, is also known for his bold fashion.

Sonko’s fashion taste has in the past been the subject of discussion among fashion enthusiasts, although the jury is still out on whether he is a genuine trendsetter or simply an audacious fashion maverick

With a collection of designer suits that could rival a rainbow and accessories that shimmer brighter than the African sun, Sonko’s fashion choice is far from conventional. Whether he’s rocking a sequined blazer, a leopard-print bowtie, or a pair of crystal-encrusted shoes, Sonko consistently pushes the boundaries of what is considered fashionable.

Heck! Some fashion experts have hailed him as a trendsetter, praising his boldness and ability to command attention with his bold approach to fashion that encourages self-expression and challenges the traditional norms of political attire.

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“Sonko’s fashion choices are a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by bland suits and predictable ensembles,” says Jane Muthoni, a 25-year-old fashion enthusiast.

On the other hand, some have dismissed Sonko’s taste as nothing short of a fashion frenzy. They argue that his over-the-top ensembles border on the absurd and overshadow his political achievements.

Other critics also argue that Sonko’s outlandish outfits distract him from the pressing issues he should be addressing as a public figure.

“Sonko’s fashion choices are nothing but a gimmick,” said one resident of Nairobi.

Despite the polarized opinions, one cannot deny that Sonko’s style has captivated public attention. Social media platforms are flooded with posts of Sonko in his wide range of expensive outfits.

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Sonko himself remains unfazed by the fashion frenzy surrounding him.

He was once captured in a past video telling a jeweller: “I want bigger chains with diamonds, I’m sending the pictures to my wife to choose, I’m a fan of gold and Versace.”

That said, as the fashion world keenly watches, the verdict on whether Sonko is a style icon or a fashion maverick remains undecided.

Regardless, he continues to be a formidable force in both politics and in the realm of fashion, leaving his indelible mark on Kenya’s style landscape.

Love him or hate, Sonko’s extravagant fashion choices continue to make headlines, proving that when it comes to style, he is anything but ordinary.

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