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Fate of daredevil who hung on Raila chopper in Meru unknown – VIDEO

An unidentified man shocked residents of Meru attending Cord Leader Raila Odinga’s rally after he clung on Mr Odinga’s chopper who had visited the region for a voter registration drive.

The man took security officers by surprise when he clung onto the chopper’s skids at Maili Tatu ground in Igembe Central when the former prime minister was taking off to Nairobi.

Igembe South OCPD Jane Nyakeruma said they have not traced the man or his identity adding that he might have gone with Mr Odinga to Nairobi.


“We have tried to follow up if the chopper dropped him in the nearby primary school but we have not traced him,” the police boss said.

The police officers who were present were caught unawares when the man jumped on the chopper that was taking off and started waving to the crowd.

The OCPD said they have launched investigation to the matter to identify the man and know his motives.

The pilot who heard screams from the crowd tried to slow down to allow him time to alight but the man did not respond.


“We have not received any reports if the man was safely landed anywhere within the county. We are still making calls to security team if they have received any reports of any emergency landing,” said the OCPD.

According to a resident the man hails from Thuuru Kathatene village in Igembe South.

“He was saying that he wanted to board a chopper for the first day and that must be of Mr Raila Odinga’s,” Mr John Mwiti said.

The incident that has caused confusion at the scene made locals accuse the police of security for laxity saying the suspect could have been stopped by the police if they had safeguarded the area adequately.