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Father arrested for letting 9-year-old son drive to school in Athi River

Police in Athi River on Wednesday morning arrested a man who is reported to have let his 9-year-old son to drive his car to school.

Traffic police officers controlling traffic along Mombasa Road noticed the minor driving a saloon car in full school uniform but when he was flagged down, he accelerated towards Athi River Township.

At the time, the father Walter Musyimi, 40, was seated at the co-driver seat and his seven-year old daughter, also in school uniform, was seated on the back seat.

Police pursued the vehicle and it was impounded before entering into a private school in Athi River where the two minors go to school.

The man, who is a contractor, was arrested and taken to the Athi River Police Station with his children. The children were later taken to school by officers in a police vehicle.

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The man told journalists that his son is a fast driver and he has been driving for the last two years.

“I taught him how to drive. I had hired a car from a friend to run some errands today. I know it’s dangerous but it happened,” said the non-remorseful father.

Athi River police boss Mary Njoki cautioned parents against allowing their underage children to drive vehicles, saying it endangers other motorists and violates traffic laws.

“We will not tolerate parents acting in utter disregard of the law. The incident was barbaric and dangerous to other road users. Let parents know they will be held responsible in case their (underage) children are caught driving,” she said.

The suspect is due to be arraigned in a Mavoko court.