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Father Christmas: Samidoh plans to visit Edday Nderitu in December – Exclusive

Mugithi singer, Samuel Muchoki popularly known by his stage name as Samidoh, is set to meet his children towards the end of the year, 2023.

This is contrary to the allegations that the Kikuyu Maestro was to meet the family in August, following his current tour in Europe where he has traveled to perform.

The now embattled wife, Edday Nderitu who recently officially announced divorcing the artist traveled to the United States (US), alongside her three children in May 2023.

Nairobi News has established through a close source to the family, Samidoh will be performing in the US in the month of December.

We can therefore, confidently report that the musician will set eyes on his children during the Christmas festive season, months after they left the country.

“He is planning to go see his children in December, since he is also expected to travel to the US to perform,” revealed the source who requested anonymity.

Edday is hosted by Samidoh’s cousin, Bernice Saroni.

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True to Edday’s announcement – quitting her 15 years of marriage, the credible source affirmed the union is “over” and dusted.

“She told me she will declare her position when she settles…She is a soft woman who does not rush,” the informer told Nairobi News.

The publicized affair between Mugithii artist Samidoh and nominated senator Karen Nyamu has sparked a storm within Samidoh’s family.

Karen, who is affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, shares two children with the artist. She has openly boasted about their relationship on social media, even sharing family moments with Samidoh and the children.

In early 2023, Ms Edday, the first wife, expressed her unwillingness to endure a polygamous marriage and threatened to walk away from the relationship.

While Karen is working tirelessly to formalize her union with Samidoh for personal interests, it has been reported that some family members are opposed to the idea.

The situation has caused significant tension within the family as they grapple with the complexities of the situation.

It is rumored that Edday has taken up a car driving course in the US, suggesting that she may have fully relocated to the country.

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