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Faulty Syokimau train forced to turn back

By Amina Wako January 15th, 2020 1 min read

The Syokimau-Imara Daima-Makadara-CBD commuter train was on Wednesday forced to make a return to Syokimau station due to a mechanical problem.

According to sources at Kenya Railways who spoke to Nairobi News the train was applying unusual braking.

“Passengers had to be returned to Syokimau station after the management sent a locomotive from Makadara to pull it,” said our source.

The only communication on the incident was posted on Kenya Railways official Telegram group at 7:21 am on Wednesday morning after passengers started to enquire why the train had stalled.

“Train applying unusual braking. Assisting loco being released from Makadara,” read the message.

The incident comes after hundreds of commuters were left stranded on Monday morning after Kenya Railways cancelled the Syokimau commuter train service.

The cancelling of the commuter train was attributed to the heavy rainfall that was experienced in Nairobi on Sunday night.

The rains caused flooding along the railway, making the track impassable.