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Fears after donkey skeletons found in Utawala

City residents could have consumed donkey meat unknowingly over the New Year celebrations.

This follows reports by a woman in Utawala that her two donkeys were stolen and the skeletons dumped next to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The owner of the donkeys, Florence Ayuma, says she launched a search for the animals after noticing they were missing from their shed.

“I found it strange that they are not there since I had personally locked them in the previous night, ” says the distraught mother of six.

With the help of neighbours, Ms Ayuma traced the remains of the donkeys at the fence that seperates the airport and Hills Drive estate.

What attracted them to the scene were vultures flying over what remained of the  ribs, heads, intestines and limbs.

Ms Ayuma says she identified her donkeys with a mark she had put on their hind heels for identification.

“The culprits chopped off the flesh from the bones and left the vultures to feast on the remains,” she said, adding that the incident had disoriented her business completely.

In just five months, she has lost three donkeys which she depended on to ferry water and timber to her clients.

Police in Ruai are investigating the incident that has caused an unprecedented tension among residents in the area.