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Female client smashed my windscreen with a gun – Bolt driver

By Amina Wako November 26th, 2020 1 min read

A Bolt driver was on Wednesday night left with a broken windscreen after a female client allegedly smashed it with a firearm in a row over Sh320 fare.

According to the driver, Brown Mwangi who posted his predicament on the Uber drivers Facebook page, his client was being dropped in Karen’s Kwarara road when the incident happened.

The driver added that the lady asked him to leave her premises immediately after dropping her off.

He said she told him that the money she owed him would be sent to him by her boyfriend later.

“Upon arrival she told me to go eti her boyfriend will send me money 320. I insisted I will pack outside the gate till my money is sent,” Mwangi wrote.

It is then that the client reportedly left for the house and returned with a gun and smashed the car windscreen.

She further bragged to the driver that she was the daughter of a big shot lawyer.

“She later went inside came with gun and smashed my car windscreen saying her father is a big lawyer and I will take her nowhere. I managed to drive all the way to Hardy police station,” Mwangi added.

On Thursday Mwangi mentioned that the matter was being handled by his lawyers.

“I had to go see my lawyers for advice. Now heading to Hardy police station meeting the OCS,” he added.

He also said he had received another windscreen from well-wishers to replace his smashed one.

“Abt wind screen I have already received new windscreen to be fix tomorrow from some well wishers free of change,” he said.