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Female drivers are angrier than male, new study shows

There is nothing like the wrath of an angry woman, so they say, and according to a recent study, women drivers are on average 12 per cent angrier than men while behind the wheel of a car.

The study that was commissioned by a motor company Hyundai made the conclusion after studying 1,000 drivers in the UK.

According to an article by The Telegraph, sound, sight, smell, touch and taste were used to provoke emotional responses in different driving scenarios.

“Participants were observed to measure how they responded to being undertaken, shouted or beeped at, how they dealt with a back-seat driver, and how the reacted when faced with a road user who failed to indicate,” wrote The Telegraph.


In all cases, women reacted more angrily compared to the men hence the conclusion that they are angrier.

The study also looked in to what makes people happy while driving. On happiness, 84 per cent of people said empty roads, 78 cent said the countryside, 69 per cent the seaside and 54 per cent said singing.

Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai Motor UK’s President and CEO said, “We are constantly striving to better understand what impacts people’s behaviour when they are driving and this research has certainly revealed some interesting, and somewhat surprising results. By examining drivers’ emotions, our aim is to help them get a better drive both today and in the future.”