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Female police officers to get new uniforms

Female police officers will soon be provided with new uniforms.

This follows publication of a photo of a police officer in a tight skirt by the Sunday Nation this week.

The director of logistics at Vigilance House Ms Beatrice Nduta said it was unfortunate that the officer had dressed like that while on duty.

“I have sent  a directive to all county commanders asking them to forward measurements of the officers so that they can be issued with a new set of uniform by Friday next week,” she said.

The photo of  the officer elicited mixed reactions on the social media.

“There has been a low supply of uniforms in our offices but that has been rectified. They will be receiving decent uniforms regularly,” said Ms Nduta.

This is not the first time the officers’ dress code has come under scrutiny.

In July Last year, they were stopped from applying lipstick, having bangles, big ear rings or putting on certain clothes while on duty. In a circular by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Grace Kaindi, officers were told some clothes were tarnishing the image of the force.

The issue was among others discussed during the county commanders’ meeting at the Police Pavilion in South C.