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Femi One: I’m in a serious relationship, but I’m not revealing my bae’s identity

Renowned Kenyan rapper Femi One has revealed that she is currently in a serious and fulfilling relationship, with someone whose identity remains mysterious.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the rapper made it clear that she has no intentions of publicly disclosing the identity of her significant other.

Known for her captivating music and fierce personality, Femi One admitted to being a private individual when it comes to matters of her personal life.

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While she is undoubtedly delighted in her current romantic situation, Femi One firmly believes in maintaining a certain level of privacy.

“I am one private person, I am dating, but I will forever hide their identity. I am a firm believer in not exposing everything out there in the open. Sometimes, other things can be best kept to oneself,” Femi One said.

Throughout her career, Femi One has demonstrated her dedication to her craft, captivating audiences with her unique style and thought-provoking lyrics. However, the talented rapper expressed her desire to explore other passions if she were not involved in the music industry.

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“If I was not a musician today, I would definitely be an airline captain. I love flying, and I would want to make it my monetary focus,” she said.

With a strong focus on self-discipline and meticulous planning, Femi One said she has developed a sense of structure in her life. She emphasized the importance of adhering to strict schedules and being mindful of her commitments.

“I am trying to employ strict discipline of where I am to be at what time and when. I have developed a sense in which wherever I am, I have to have planned,” she said.

As fans eagerly speculate about the identity of Femi One’s partner, the rapper remains steadfast in her decision to keep it under wraps. While her relationship brings her joy and contentment, she values the sanctity of privacy, allowing her to maintain a sense of balance between her personal and public life.

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