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Festive season frenzy: Rising prices hit poultry market in Nairobi

By Sammy Waweru December 5th, 2023 1 min read

As December ushers in the festive spirit, the cost of chickens surges in anticipation of the holiday celebrations.

Families across Kenya gear up for traditional meals, but the surge in prices raises concerns for consumers.

In Nairobi and its environs, the cost of chickens, particularly those destined for festive tables, has seen a notable increase. Traders and farmers attribute this rise to heightened demand during the holiday season.

Susan Njoroge, a seasoned chicken trader in Zimmerman Nairobi, observes a significant uptake in prices.

“A two-kilogram live-weight chicken, which used to range between Sh600 to Sh700, now commands a minimum of Sh800,” she said.

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Susan foresees prices climbing even higher, potentially reaching Sh1,000 per chicken as Christmas approaches.

Antony Mwangi, a chicken trader in Ruiru, Kiambu County, notes that prices for genuine kienyeji birds have also seen a surge. “The least they can sell a kienyeji bird for is Sh1,000, and I predict prices may go up to Sh1,500 for a 1.5-kilogram chicken.”

This trend of rising prices is evident across various Nairobi estates and in neighbouring areas such as Zimmerman, Ruiru, Githurai, Kahawa West, Mwiki, Thika, Wangige, and Uthiru.

Poultry farmer Kevin Kilonzo from Juja, Kiambu County, acknowledges the recurring pattern, stating that every December sees an increase in prices to offset business expenses.

While the festive season promises joy and merriment, consumers are urged to plan and budget accordingly for the traditional chicken delights.

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