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Fierce wife: Wahu laughs off keyboard warrior who took on Nameless

By Winnie Mabel December 30th, 2022 2 min read

A keyboard warrior by the Facebook social media handle Ko Go ended up being the butt of jokes after he attempted to take on Nameless. His issue was that the Nameless misspelt the words nature and nurture.

Three days ago, Nameless had posted on social media about him, and his siblings taking time away from their families to spend time together and take their parents out to thank them for raising them right and guiding them through life’s ups and downs.

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In part, he wrote, “What I realized they used to nurture us was an above average emotional intelligence that they refer to as God’s blessings….”

In the comment section, Ko Go called him out for using nature instead of nurture- to which it appears Nameless edited his post to correct the error, but not before he and his wife, singer Wahu Kagwi, took on Ko Go in what turned out to be a laugh session for their collective followers.

“It is unbelievable that a whole you, an architecture by profession, can’t differentiate between nature and nurture!!!” began Ko Go to which Nameless told him it was a simple spelling mistake, something that he always finds himself doing.

In addition, Nameless ended up laughing at Ko Go when he also said, “…a spelling mistake does not define intelligence. It is just a spelling mistake…I see you have also been told it is ‘A whole architect’ and not ‘a whole architecture’…calm down my friend. We all make small mistake and it’s okay. Notify someone with compassion.”

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At this point, his wife, Wahu, chimed in with more laughter over Ko Go’s ‘architecture’ misspelling.

“Ko Go, ati an architecture. My friend, before you throw stones, make sure you’re not in a glass house! Anyway, good morning,” said Wahu.

Ko Go then attempted to defend himself but made more spelling mistakes in his defense, earning him more mocking and laughter.

“Wahu Kagwi, your husband who I started listening to his music when I was in high school is an architect, as he’s a person while his career or profession which I was referring to is architecture, the art or practice of designing and constricting*. I have been his and your follower since dem days when while his mega rider song was hitting, your Sitishiki (song) was also rocking the airwaves,” Ko Go attempted to defend himself.

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His ‘constricting’ misspelling earned him further laughter as people told him he was only embarrassing himself because he could have been speaking of a boa constrictor, and no one would know.

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