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Film board wants Maina Kageni, Bi Msafwari shows moved

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has written demand letters to two media houses for the rescheduling of two popular programmes from the the watershed period.

The watershed period is between 5am and 10pm

The board has written to Radio Africa Group demanding for the rescheduling of Classic 105 FM’s morning show,  Maina and King’angi in the morning.

The show is hosted by Maina Kageni and comedian Daniel Ndambuki, aka Mwalimu King’angi. It runs from 6am to 10am Monday to Friday and is the most popular radio show in the country.


It has a call-in segment from 8am that delves into relationship and marriage affairs. The board argues that content discussed in the segment is too lewd for a general audience.

The board has also written to Royal Media Services to demand for the rescheduling of a segment of its Saturday 7pm Swahili bulletin that discusses relationships and marriages.

The popular segment involves a question and answer session with Bi Msafwari, a traditional marriage counselor with conservative leanings on marriage and the roles of husbands and wives in a family.

The Film Classification Board chief executive officer Ezekiel Mutua, at a media briefing on Sunday in Mombasa, also said all wedding shows on television must be submitted to the board for rating.


The board had last month announced new classification guidelines for advertising content in a bid to “preserve national values and morals”.

It banned advertisements and commercials that feature sexual innuendos and sexually suggestive scenes, alcoholic drinks, betting and gambling from running during the watershed period between 5am and 10pm.

Advertisements and billboards that feature semi-nude or nude men and women were also banned as the board believes such commercials undermine the importance of the family unit.

Media owners had in May threatened to sue the board for overstepping its mandate by attempting to regulate programmes and advertisements on television.