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Film on forgiveness “Where the River Divides” triumphs at Kitale film week

In a celebration of Kenyan creativity and storytelling, the Kitale Film Week recently concluded with “Where the River Divides” emerging victorious, clinching the award for Best Short Film.

This gripping 1979 true story, set in Thimlich Ohinga, Migori County, Kenya, takes audiences on a journey of forgiveness, legacy, and purpose.

Directed by talented filmmaker Gadwill Odhiambo and starring Benjamin Onyango as Clan Elder Okoth, “Where the River Divides” follows the life-altering decision of Dennis, portrayed by Gadwill Odhiambo himself.

Returning home after his baptism, Dennis is confronted with the choice of either inheriting his father’s legacy or pursuing his newfound purpose, a decision that could endanger his life.

The film has captivated audiences worldwide, earning accolades for its powerful storytelling and emotional depth.

Available on MyMovies.Africa, “Where the River Divides” has garnered attention for its portrayal of Kenyan heritage and cultural values.

Reflecting on the talent showcased at the Kitale Film Week, Peter Kawa, a member of the jury committee, expressed optimism about the future of Kenya’s film industry.

He remarked: “Kenya has immense talent and potential. I got to watch many captivating products that genuinely require more publicity or distribution channels to help increase the local audience interest in these marvelous works. All in all, there’s hope in the sector.”

Channelle Kitonny, echoing Kawa’s sentiments, expressed pride and joy at the progress made by the creative community in Trans Nzoia over the past two years.

As the Chief Executive Committee Member, she commended the efforts of filmmakers in showcasing the richness of Kenyan storytelling.

In addition to “Where the River Divides,” other standout films honored at the Kitale Film Week include Victor Obok for Best Cinematography with “Mtaa Yangu,” Janet Wells and Mwaura Timothy received recognition for Best Documentary Film with “Sleeping Warrior.”

The Audience Choice Award went to Rey Egide Bulambo and Wanjira Wamaina Tabitha for “Food Security Champion.” Angela Wanjiku Wamai was honored for Best Screenplay with “Shimoni,” Wangechi Ngugi celebrated success for Best Feature Film with “Shimoni”.

Lastly, Rishai Omar Hamza Hassan was acknowledged for Best Editing.

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