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Film regulator now bans Project X sex party

The film regulator has outlawed the highly publicised party, Project X, saying videos featuring pornography and drug abuse were to be recorded at the scene.

The Kenya Film Classification Board said it acted on a tip-off that some businessmen were “to promote drugs, illicit sex and making of pornographic movies” at the party set for March 12 in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.

Project X has stirred a social media uproar. Its advertising content “No one goes back home a virgin” caught the attention of the public, including police, religious and political leaders, who launched campaigns against it.

Hollywood movie

The party is named after a 2012 Hollywood movie that features a birthday celebration that turns into a drug abuse and sexual scene, prompting police intervention.

“We have leads that ‘Project X’ is organised by a syndicate of unscrupulous people, who have turned events of this nature into avenues of shooting pornographic films and extorting cash from their victims through blackmail,” said the board’s CEO, Mr Ezekiel Mutua.

“These activities are coordinated and funded by an international porn ring, with local networks promoting homosexuality in the country.”