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Films board now targets beer companies in adverts clampdown

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is courting yet another controversy after it issued a seven-day ultimatum to beer manufactures to cease advertising their products during the certain hours of the day.

In a statement, the board’s CEO Ezekiel Mutua said the decision has been taken following complaints from the public.

KFCB has further informed the beer companies that the advertisement were produced without a filming license contrary to Part II (4) of the Film and Stage Play Act Cap 222.

“The Board’s Advertising Regulations prohibit the advertisement of alcoholic beverage and other alcoholic products during the watershed period to protect children from messages that glorify alcoholic consumption,” Mr Mutua said in his statement.

KFCB defines watershed period as between 5am to 10pm when children are assumed to be awake and exposed to television programming.

According to the statement the board has written to the companies responsible – namely East Africa Breweries Limited, Keroche Breweries Limited and Africa Spirits Limited – drawing their attention to the fact that, they are in breach of the law and that failure on their part to comply will result in prosecution in line with the laws of Kenya.

Curiously though, KFCB’s notice is dated Jan 4, 2016, which could be an error.