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Shame of ‘filthy’ washrooms in Maraga’s office

Chief Justice David Maraga has given a glimpse into the deplorable condition of the judiciary to the point of having no washrooms for his guests.

While speaking during an interview with NTV Sunday, Maraga said the reduction of the judiciary budget will make the conditions worse.

“In my office there sometimes when you get visitors you don’t even have a respectable washroom to take them to. It is that embarrassing,” Maraga said.

The Chief Justice explained how the Judiciary used the World Bank Fund to improve in fracture across the country but is now being told that it cannot be renewed as the country has borrowed heavily.

“Parliament should not only renew that fund, it should borrow for us a little more so that we are able to do a bit of more infrastructure for the judiciary and they are saying you can’t borrow ye parliament has borrowed for its construction look at the renovations done to the senate, the MPS office. I want to invite the MPs let them come to the Supreme Court see where the judges are seated, a judge walks 100 meters to get to the washroom,” he said.


Hard questions Kenyans want Maraga to answer

Maraga delved into the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the 2017 presidential election explaining how the judges faced a lot of pressure.

“I have been condemned and vilified but in my heart, I know what I did is what I was required to do,” he said.

It was a decision that President Uhuru Kenyatta termed as one of “some six judges going against the will of the people,” a move he said must be revisited, and a threat which a year later, Maraga does not think will shake him.

“I do not think I will be serving this country well in my position if I am serving under fear, I should stand up and say ‘this has not been done well, let us change it,’” Maraga added.

He stated that all the Supreme Court did was to ask the electoral commission to follow the law in results transmission and that was dully done in the repeat election.