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Finally… Ruto and Rachel toast, but Kenyans want to know what they drank

There is a joke that alcohol and wine were banned in State House the moment President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel became the new residents of the house on the hill on September 13, 2022.

It may actually not be a joke given that President Ruto and his wife are staunch Christians. The First Lady’s first order of business was hosting a number of Kenyan and foreign clergymen during her first few days in State House.

Come to think of it, since taking tenancy of State House, the President and the First Lady have hardly been seen toasting to a drink whenever they have state guests.

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But with the head of state and his wife on a state visit to South Korea, the toast moment came on Wednesday when they were hosted to a dinner by President Yoon Suk-yeol.

As they toasted, the President and his wife were meters away, although it remains unclear what drink the two toasted to.

One of the rules of toasting is that those partaking the drink have to maintain eye contact, raise their glasses and sip the drink after the toast.

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However, the video that captured the moment shows the First Lady appearing to be waiting for a signal from the President before taking a sip of her drink.

While the First Lady kept waiting for the signal, the President had a big smile and actually didn’t notice that the First Lady was watching.

Toasting is not a Kenyan culture, but in other countries, it is seen as a gesture that lightens the mood of the occasion.

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