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Financial drama: Milly WaJesus addresses money woes in marriage to Kabi

Milly WaJesus, known for her engaging YouTube content, has recently shared her frustrations and concerns about her husband, Kabi WaJesus’s financial behavior, which she claims has nearly torn their marriage apart.

The couple, who have garnered a significant following for their content centered around family life, is now facing a very public financial drama.

In the YouTube session, Milly did not mince her words, stating, “To make it worse, Kabi has his own account, his own money, why are you getting the money that you are giving your friends from our joint account? It doesn’t matter the amount.”

Her impassioned plea underscored her distress over her husband’s lending practices.

The financial dispute escalated as Milly pointed out that Kabi had extended loans to individuals who had previously failed to repay their debts, creating an irritating financial cycle.

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“Because it’s become a habit. Kwanza what makes me even more mad is that you lend to people who’ve refused to give back your money. They already have another loan. Why are you like that? Too much kindness, it’s not good for business,” she expressed.

Milly has not taken the situation lightly and expressed her intent to regain control over their financial affairs by directly approaching the friends who owe them money.

“I want to go to those people, nataka kuzifuatilia,” she declared.

In response to Milly’s grievances, Kabi WaJesus voiced his concerns that her actions of collecting loans from his friends might strain his friendships, lamenting, “No. Let me tell you, wives are the ones that break most relationships. Utaharibu, how do you call someone and ask them for the money I loaned them? Maybe hata wife hajui.

The financial dispute was not the only issue raised during the YouTube session. Milly also addressed Kabi’s habit of resorting to prayer during arguments.

She asserted that praying in the midst of an argument was inappropriate and advised making amends with the offended party before turning to prayer.

“That habit of praying in the midst of an argument, that’s a sin. When you have upset someone, before you pray, go and make peace with that person, and then come back and pray. That tactic of yours, you start praying in the midst of an argument is a sin,” she accused.

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