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Uproar over fire engines without water which frustrated rescue exercise

Nairobi residents have been shocked by revelation that fire engines arrived without water at the scene of a deadly fire that claimed three lives at a city estate on Sunday night.

Apparently, the Nairobi Fire Department responded quickly to the emergency at Kijiji area near Southlands, Langata but without water.

In a shocking revelation, Langata MP Nixon Korir admitted that although the response was timely, unfortunately the engines did not have water.

“Actually the response time was quick, the firefighting equipment was their but unfortunately they did not have water. I tried talking to the Defense Forces because we have Langata Barracks there but because of bureaucracy we could not get their fire fighting equipments,” said Korir during a telephone interview with a local media house.

Ironically, last year Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko unveiled new firefighting engines procured for the city that he said would help in curbing fire situations that have been experienced in the recent past.

The city’s Fire Department blonde moment has caused an online uproar from netizens who took offense with their incompetence.