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Fire razes Marikiti Market in Nairobi CBD

Traders at the Nairobi’s Marikiti Market in the City Center were on Friday morning left counting losses after a huge inferno razed their stalls.

The traders are now blaming the fire on an alleged land ownership dispute with the Kenya Railways.

Stores used by the traders to house their trading material such as sacks were completely destroyed in the fire.

The aftermath of the fire. PHOTO | COURTESY

The traders, who are reading malice, say that the incident comes a day after Kenya Railways evicted some of their colleagues who operated at a site owned by the parastatal, and which has an ongoing dispute.

Without offering any evidence, Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua alias Jaguar has termed the fire as arson and called for swift action.

“I’ve heard your cries, and I’ll voice your concerns in Parliament. We will get answers. We will hold these arsonists accountable. Kenya Railways, a state corporation, cannot commit such injustices without repercussions,” Jaguar’s Twitter post read.