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Fire your make-up artist! Vera Sidika said in post-delivery video

Socialite Vera Sidika has raised the bar for Kenyan celebrities by re-imagining the childbirth experience.

For her second delivery, Vera Sidika walked confidently into the hospital with a flawless make-up look.

Vera also opted for a stylish wig, challenging the conventional expectation that women in labour should have braided hair or wear headscarves.

However, her recent video announcing the arrival of her second child, Ice Brown, has received a mixed response from fans, particularly in regards to her meticulously maintained appearance, including her hair and make-up.

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Here’s what some of her fans had to say about the video:

Senje Wanjiru: “I would love to see a completely natural and unfiltered face! Sharing a birth video should resonate with authenticity… the heavy make-up seems excessive.

I’m not trying to criticise her as a mother, but I want to witness the rawness of childbirth! It’s ugly and beautiful at the same time…

TheeeeBrown: This girl needs to understand that she is naturally beautiful. The make-up is taking away from that. She needs a new make-up artist. I remember when she was with Otile, her minimal make-up was so refreshing.

Joseph Mum: Get rid of your make-up artist, seriously.

Shillah_Kerubo: That’s not possible; you can’t treat a newborn with all that make-up just to prove a point. This is too much; you should see the nurses’ reaction.

Noni_nash: The excessive makeup distracts from the main point of your post. Congratulations to the Browns though.

NandiKweya: Forget the make-up, you’re scaring us now.

Ogutuwinnie: Do you think anyone told you that you’ll never succeed in life without make-up? Make-up even in the delivery room…

Goriotpere: Wow, almost yellow… my goodness.

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Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo after welcoming her second child, Ice Brown. PHOTO| COURTESY

Why do celebrities often choose to go into the delivery room with full make-up?

Firstly, being in the public eye, they are used to being photographed and filmed at all times, and the birth of their child is no exception.

They may want to make sure they look their best and maintain a polished appearance even at such a personal and intimate moment.

Some celebrities are often followed by paparazzi and media who are eager to capture every moment of their lives.

By wearing make-up in the delivery room, they may feel more confident and comfortable knowing that they will be photographed or filmed during this significant event.

Celebrities are aware that their delivery room photos may be shared on social media or published in magazines and newspapers.

They may want to present themselves in a certain way and maintain their public image, as they are constantly under scrutiny by their fans and the general public.

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