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Firearm, magazines recovered from newly imported vehicle

By Amina Wako December 30th, 2019 1 min read

Police officers in Taita Taveta on Saturday recovered a firearm and its accessories that were being imported into the country illegally.

A police report filed at the Taveta Police Station under OB number 06/28/12/2019 revealed that officers were conducting verification of a vehicle that was being driven by Peter Mwangi when they made the recovery.

“Officers were conducting verifications of a motor vehicle and its cargo against the packaging list, supervised by Mr. Paul Ngami the supervisor Customs Taveta on a South African Motor vehicle of Reg.No CV43TJGP driven by PETER MWANGI which arrived at the OSBP on 27/12/2019 at about Noon and which originated from South Africa ferrying items declared as household goods and was destined for Nairobi, they discovered that two cartons addressed to AANDA sales and services-CBD Mombasa were undeclared,” the report read in part.

Officers then decided to carry a thorough check of what was in the cartons when they found the firearm, a Glock, 19 guns.

The officers also recovered five pieces of empty magazines for 31 rounds, five pieces of empty magazines for 22 rounds, four pieces of empty magazines for 15 rounds all of 9mm caliber, 30 pieces of 100mg Ram Gun accessories.

Other recovered accessories include 10 pieces of 50ml Ram gun accessories and five pieces of 300ml Ram accessories.

The report further indicated that particulars of the sender are yet to be established.

The vehicle is currently detained at the customs yard under police guard.