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Firm to vet domestic workers formed

By NAIROBI NEWS February 17th, 2014 1 min read

A new initiative aimed at curbing child kidnapping and other crimes suspected to be perpetrated by domestic workers has been launched.

A fingerprint expert has opened a laboratory where people seeking to know the history of their househelps are taken for screening.

The history of the househelps and their fingerprints are taken and verified through dactyloscopy to establish their history.

An expert in dactyloscopy, Mr Zachary Musau runs a firm, Darubini Screening and vetting.

According to Mr Musau, who was the Government’s chief fingerprint officer for more than 35 years, the idea was informed by activities involving some househelps and their criminal friends.


“We take the fingerprints of the person who is going to be employed as a househelp. We get other information which we pass to a client if need arises,” said Mr Musau.

Vetting domestic workers is taking root in the county and Mr Musau says his firm is handling about 500 househelps per month on behalf of families.

“Using fingerprints is a reliable way of establishing somebody’s past. We can also easily trace them in case of a crime,” says Mr Musau.

Families can seek crime scene examination and photographic material in case a househelp disappears after a crime. 

“Some walk in as workers with intention of stealing or kidnapping. When we get such a person, we have a Darubini report and blacklist them. We even furnish police with information to have them arrested,” he says.