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Firms look for help to manage social media

As companies increasingly move into the world of social media, they are realising reputations are made and broken online.

Yet they have to leverage on the growing popularity and usage of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This brand building channel has compelled businesses to consider new communication technologies and improve on customer care online.

To do this effectively, some are opting for online customer care strategies as others go the extra mile by hiring agencies to take care of the online customers.

“Marketing, branding and customer care is broad and there is need to seek some expertise once in a while because the digital platform and mostly the social media can be tricky to handle,” says Martin Muli, an online marketing consultant.

These agencies therefore come in handy to help a company concentrate on its core business. They take care of company customers online.

With the guidelines of the companies, agencies are able to come up with a social media plan that varies with brands.

One of the benefits of having an agency manage the social media accounts is that they have knowledge of possible challenges and solutions encountered online.

They also have mechanisms of measuring a brand’s perception online. This way, they are able to know if the consumers like or do not like the brand.

They able to know where there is need for improvement or review of their services.

“Social media has given consumers power to own brands and this has made companies to be on their toes always,” says Maureen Kanyi, a digital advertising executive at Smoke Signal.

The new age customer-care is real-time, fast and simple, making it ideal for every company.

“Response time is short and responses are personalised, making a customer feel wanted,” says Kanyi.

The agencies advise clients on the changes they need to make following interactions with the customers on the social media platforms, and the conclusions they have drawn from the sites.

“An agency analyses the market and predicts the results of a product according to demographics and in a way that helps the company to know whether their set targets are achievable or not,” says Sebastian Wafula of Trinc Media.

Depending on the needs of the brand, an agency is able to evaluate the market and know which social media platform is best situated for it. However, it is always good to have a mix of both.

Kenya Power, Safaricom, AXE, Samsung Kenya, KFC, Avanti and Jameson are some of the brands active on social media.