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Five most annoying habits of city matatu passengers

Matatu’s are the most common mode of transport in Nairobi, but where you are also likely to meet people from all walks of life.

The long hours spent on traffic jams mean passengers are forced to endure other people’s annoying habits.

Below are some of the few annoying habits from matatu passengers:

Talking loudly on the phone

Most Nairobian are usually guilty of this. The worst part is when we all have to hear when you lie to the other person of your location, saying you are coming from Westlands while you are in a Kayole matatu.

Those who insist on closing the windows

Nairobi has been experiencing a sunny weather, making the days and some nights to be unbearably hot.

Being in a confined area like inside a matatu it is only logical to at least open the window for ventilation.

Those carrying food.

We have all at one time found ourselves sitting next to a person who just came from their favorite fast food joint to purchase a meal of chips and chicken. And they are the same people who will refuse to open the windows!

The ones who cannot wait to satisfy their hunger at home

I once came across a person trying to balance a plastic paper bag containing fries on one leg and a bottle of soda on the other. The question is how do you even clean up after you finish eating, by licking your finger?

The sleeping ones.

Spending long hour in the notorious Nairobi traffic, one might find themselves dozing off. However it gets annoying when the person starts snooring or starts leaning on you.