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Five bizarre things KCSE candidates did in exam rooms

Education Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi says some candidates in the 2014 KCSE exams aimed to obtain a certificate, regardless of the grade.

And these, ladies and gentlemen, are some of the things some candidates did in the exam rooms, according to Prof Kaimenyi.

1. Replicated the questions.

This is an old trick employed by most unprepared candidates. The reasoning is that writing something on the answer sheet will earn you at least a mark in KCSE.

2. Scribbled illegible responses.

Just like in the above logic, the candidates’ hope is that the graders will give them the benefit of the doubt and award them some marks for their effort.

3. Answered questions in their mother tongue.

Now these were hopeless students!

4. Wrote vulgar answers.

And these should be jailed.

5. Wrote just the name and index number.

These are mainly students who are either perennially out of school or simply can’t hack the system.