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Five Easter beauty treats you should try out

With a long weekend comes a lot of time to dedicate to the salon or spa. So here are some beauty treats you can give yourself before the end of the long Easter weekend.

1. Electrotherapy facial

A relaxing exfoliation, cleansing and toning procedure will be a perfect treat this Easter. You could try a different kind of facial say for instance the electrotheraphy facial that will give your face the much needed face lift.

2. Paraffin wax treatment

Instead of your usual pedicure and manicure, give this paraffin wax treatment a try. It will leave your feet and hands soft and moisturized like never before. It’s a different spa treatment and definitely an Easter treat worth trying.

3. Luxury body scrub

Your entire body needs exfoliation. Invest in a luxury body scrub at a relaxing spa environment and you will not regret it. Since body scrubbing takes a lot of time and may be hard to achieve on a normal weekend, ensure you book a slot at your spa this long weekend.

4. Detox bath

This is one easy treat that you can achieve if your house has a bath tub. If you do not have the tub do not worry, your local spa will give you the treat at an affordable price. You can choose either a bath in sea salts or essential oils.

5. Luxury massage

Be it a hot stone massage, Swedish or Thai massage, you will never go wrong with an hour of pampering. What is even better is that being a long weekend you will not rush to a meeting or to work after the relaxing session and by Tuesday, you whole body will be ready for work.