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Five green flags Akothee should look for in her relationships

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, commonly referred to as Akothee in entertainment circles,  has sparked speculation about the possibility of another wedding  amid reports of a split with her Swiss husband  Denis Schweizer, commonly referred to as “Omosh.”

“I started by monitoring my behaviors, I realised I was breaking down quite often for no reason, even just a simple interview. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I never knew about emotional abuse until I started therapy,” Akothee revealed.

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Despite all the heartbreaks the singer has gone through, there are several notable green flags that are valuable indicators of a healthy and mature relationship Akothee should look for in her relationships.

Anyone who has dated more than two men can use their past experiences to recognize these positive qualities and prioritize them when choosing their future partner.

It’s also essential to remember that every relationship is unique, and open communication and mutual effort are key to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling connection.

Below are a few green flags the singer should look for in her relationships:

Consistent communication

A green flag is a consistent and open communication. Look for a partner who communicates regularly and reliably. They are responsive to your messages and calls, showing that they prioritize staying connected and keeping you informed about their thoughts and feelings.

Respect for boundaries

A partner who respects your boundaries is crucial. They understand and honor your need for personal space, time with friends and family, and individual pursuits. A respectful partner does not pressure you into situations or choices you are uncomfortable with and allows you to set your own limits.

Conflict resolution skills

A green flag is a partner who handles conflicts maturely and constructively. They are willing to engage in respectful discussions, listen to your perspective, and work together to find solutions. Look for someone who doesn’t resort to manipulation, yelling, or avoidance when disagreements arise.

Support for personal growth

A good partner encourages your personal growth and self-improvement. They celebrate your achievements and support your ambitions. They understand that your journey of self-discovery and self-development is essential, and they are there to cheer you on every step of the way.

Trust and reliability

Trust is paramount in any relationship. Look for a partner who is trustworthy and reliable. They keep their promises, follow through on commitments, and demonstrate consistency in their actions over time. Trustworthy partners create a stable and secure foundation for a lasting relationship.