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Five occasions when President Joe Biden has fallen

US President Joe Biden on Thursday made international news after he took a face-first tumble after tripping over an obstacle on stage at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

Biden, 80, had just shaken hands with a cadet and begun walking back to his seat when he fell.

In a viral video that captured the incident, shows Secret Service agents and Air Force officials immediately helping the president to his feet, after which he gracefully walked back to his seat.

According to White House, President Biden was tripped by a sandbag on the commencement stage. However, he assured people that he is okay.

However, this is not the only time President Biden has been involved in such an incident. Here are the other four incidents:

May 2023 – President Biden was captured nearly tripping down a set of stairs while in Japan for the G7 summit. In the video, President Biden was seen fumbling his footing as he walked down a small set of stairs at the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima.

Luckily, the president did not fall down the stairs or seemingly injure himself as he caught himself before making contact with the ground.

February 2023 – On this occasion President Biden had issues keeping his balance as he tripped up the steps of Air Force One on his way home from Poland.

He fell forward about halfway up the stairs to the plane as he attempted to board at Warsaw Chopin Airport. The president soon stood back up and continued to the door, giving a quick wave before entering the plane’s cabin.

That incident marked at least the fourth time Biden has fallen on the steps of Air Force Once.

March 2023 – President Biden again stumbled ascending Air Force One’s steps as the plane was leaving Alabama to Delaware. President Biden was in Selma, Alabama to mark the anniversary of a civil rights march.

June 2022 – President  Biden fell as he was dismounting his bicycle, after snaring a foot in a toe clip. However, he was not injured.

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