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Five people you are likely to find in a Nairobi matatu

Matatus are often a good way to meet strangers and may be obtain a personal or professional contact.

Some passengers strike healthy conversations with total strangers and in the end alight having gained either knowledge or a contact.

But this is not always the case.

Here are some people you are likely to meet in a Nairobi matatu;

1. The political analyst

In this election season, it is likely that the guy seated next to you will comment on the politics of the day. Some do it open mindendly while others do it to stroke their political ego to show how much of current affairs they know or even the politicians they know. Caution is, however, advised when discussing such issues as some passengers are sycophants who do not entertain criticism on their preferred leader.

2. The loud-mouth

We all have encountered such; the ones who seek to include us in their conversation to a point that you just wish headphones would drop like manna from heaven. Much as this is annoying, it might help obtain information on people’s opinions on different issues. It prepares one for all sorts of crazy opinions to a point that you just smile at some people parading their ignorance.

3. The avid reader

There are some passengers who diligently choose to read a chapter or two in traffic. These are everyone’s dream seatmate because apart from the peace they portray, you could just get an idea of your next read. Most are courteous and very knowledgeable in the few cases they opt to engage in a chat.

4. The panicky

You have probably come across a passenger who looks like they are about to have a heart attack or make frantic calls to enquire about something. Other panic mode passengers even cry silently and sometimes you are tempted to ask how you can make things easier for them.


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5. The tough talkers

There are those who threaten the matatu conductor when told they cannot alight. Some are usually a sigh of relief to other passengers when the crew attempts to overcharge. These can, however, be dangerous to engage so stay mum and let them talk unless the confrontation with the crew turns violent, in such cases, involve a police officer.