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Five reasons why Akothee is trending

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee is celebrating her new achievement after revealing she addresses 6,144,800 everday.

“The G.O.A.T. So I am addressing 6,144, 800 followers on a daily basis with pure content and real life Experience. I need to open a TV channel,” said Akothee in her social media post.

Her great achievement is tied with her one on one interaction with her followers as she shares her daily life experience ranging from love to work.

Here are some reasons why the singer might be trending:

1. Introducing her new bae

Just some few months after announcing the breakup with her former manager, Nelly Oaks, Akothee stirred her online supporters with the new photo of her new bae who is Caucasian. With several love captions and MOG’s, Akothee could not keep calm after yet again being swept off her feet.

Initially, she didn’t reveal the face of the man in her life, something that only made her followers more curious.

“Honey, I never knew there was real love, I was always afraid of being taken advantage of. Until I meet you baby, if this is how it feels being loved, then I am ready to die here, see my glow,” Akothee posted on her IG page.

2. New bae gifts her Sh 6.8 million Toyota TX

The mother of five has been seen flaunted her new Toyota TX from which she was gifted by her bae. In her IG page, the Yuko Moyoni hitmaker said some people have been thinking that her new car belongs to a county government boss.

She however teased her fans saying that the new car’s price is a thing she can easily afford.

“Sasa 6.8 million nikitu ya kupigia kelele, hata sijaongelea haki, hiyo ni pesa kidogo sana kwangu (Is Sh 6.8million something to brag about? That is a very small amount of money for me),” Akothee said.

3. Offering relationship advice

Akothee is known for dishing out advice on relationship matters. Akothee, who has several baby daddies, after breaking up with Nelly Oaks, advised people to dump whoever they want.

But went on to say that no one should leave their relationship because she (Akothee) did the same, adding that celebrity relationships can be very challenging.

“When you decide to date inside celebrities’ dates, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Do you my dear, those smiles on cameras might not be found off camera, people are struggling with life, people are handling ugly things in the so-called relationships. Leave people’s caskets alone,” she said.

4. Her hard work and promos

The Safaris CEO is known for her hard work. She owns several apartments and runs multiple businesses and she always challenges her followers to get out of their comfort zones and earn a living for themselves.

“No one wants to associate themselves with failure, success will attract both positive and negative vibes. Negativity comes from those who envy and want what you have without working for it, positivity comes from those who appreciate the unbeaten positive strength of persistence. Keep performing, they are either watching and learning or just dying of jealousy, perform mama,” she once said.

5. Her multiple baby daddies

The flamboyant singer has three baby daddies of Kenyan, Swiss and French nationalities. The self-proclaimed ‘President of Single Mothers’ is on record for saying that made peace with all her baby daddies for the sake of her children. She always speaks openly and positively about them.

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