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Five terror suspects arrested over planned attack on popular night club

By Amina Wako January 20th, 2020 1 min read

A US national is among five terror suspects who were on Saturday arrested by police attached to Pangani police station.

In a police report seen by Nairobi News, the five had on Friday conducted surveillance at Whisky River pub situated along Kiambu road and managed to leave the scene.

However, hawk-eyed local residents alerted the police at Runda after noticing the suspicious activities of the five at the popular night club.

“It was reported at Runda police station that there were suspected terrorist carrying out surveillance at Whisky river pub along Kiambu road and police kicked off an investigation immediately,” part of the report filed under OB number 18/17/1/2020 read.

The police managed to trail and intercept a white Toyota Vitz vehicle of registration number KCR 598M after the information on the vehicle was circulated.

Officers attached to Pangani police station managed to arrest the five suspected terrorists in the car in Pangani area a day after the suspicious surveillance at Whiskey River.

The suspects have been identified as US national Mohamed Abas Mohamud, Mohamed Hassan Bario (Somali), Hodan Abdi Ismail (Somali), Ifrah Mohammed Abshir and Kenyan driver Mohamed Adan.

Police on inspecting the impounded vehicle and interrogating the three male and two female suspects have intimated they are convinced that they were planning an attack.

In the car the officers recovered a pair of Kenyan Airforce trousers, one jungle t-shirt, one jungle hat, one jungle trouser, money in various currencies and denomination and one Macbook laptop.

Also recovered were a US passport, one US embassy security card and various cheque books.

Following the recovery, the matter was also filed under OB number 35/18/1/2020 at the Pangani police station where the five suspects are being held.