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Five things to know about Eunice Njeri’s husband, Izzo

Issac Ado Bukasa, who married gospel singer Eunice Njeri, last weekend is a young man who most people know very little about.

Nairobi News can now reveal what you probably didn’t know about the rapper who has lived in the US since his teenage years.

1. He is a pastor’s son

Izzo, as he is popularly known, was raised by his mother Esperance Muderhwa Dorcas who is a pastor and director of International Jesus Cares Ministries, Inc in Abilene, Texas.

2. He started singing while in high school

While still studying Izzo would make music and entertain his school mates.

3. He got saved after high school

It was after he graduated that he gave his life to Christ consequently switching his music to use it to preach the word of God.

4. He has six siblings

The Bukasa family is made up of seven children all who live in the US with their mother.

5. His father died when he was six

Izoo’s father died when he was six years old and has was singlehandedly raised by his mother.