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Five things to know about deceased billionaire Reginald Mengi and young widow Klynn

Tanzanian media mogul Reginald Mengi on Thursday died at a Dubai hospital.

His death has reopened discussion about his personal life, especially his marriage to musician Jaqueline Ntuyabaliwe aka Klynn who is 36 years younger.

Here are things to know about the couple.

1. Klynn quit music to become an interior designer

After her wedding to Mengi, the musician switched careers to become an interior designer starting her own company that designs furniture. In a past interview she said she opted to do interiors so as to launch her entrepreneurial journey and add onto her husband’s earnings.

2. The couple has twins

Klynn and Mengi have twin boys born in 2013. In 2015 the couple held their lavish wedding in Mauritius.

3. Klynn at first snubbed Mengi

The musician, while on a tour in the UK, snubbed an invite from the media mogul who was in the UK on a business trip. The two later hooked up back home in Tanzania and started dating right away.

4.The couple s worth USD560 million

Mengi’s business empire in media includes the IPP Media Group that owns 11 newspapers, radio and television stations and internet properties. The couple also own Bonite Bottlers, the sole bottler of Coca-Cola products in the northern region of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro brand of bottled water and IPP Resources Company that mines gold, uranium, copper, chrome and coal.

5. Klynn influenced Mengi to become a gym enthusiast

The musician who is 36 years younger than her husband influenced him to start exercising after their marriage and the media mogul at one point acknowledged that she was a great influence in her life writing; “If God was to call us today, I would ask God for permission, to see if it’s possible for me to marry her in heaven. So that forever and ever she will be my wife.”