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Five things to know about Ruto’s ambassadorial nominee Akinyi Walkowa

President William Ruto recently nominated 10 female ambassadors on International Women’s Day, in honour of the contribution of women to the leadership of the country.

“This morning I have appointed 10 more women as ambassadors in different parts of the world and another six deputy ambassadors in recognition of the contribution of women in the leadership of women,” said Ruto in his speech at the International Women’s Day celebrations in Embu County.

Among the nominees are Akinyi Walkowa, sister to opposition leader Raila Odinga who will, if approved by Parliament, serve as the Deputy Head of Mission in Los Angeles, USA.

Below are some of the things to note about her

Her mom was the second wife

Akinyi Walkowa is the sister to Raila Odinga.

Their father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, was a prominent political figure in Kenya and was a polygamous.

Akinyi’s mother Gaudecia Adeya was the second wife of Jaramogi Odinga, highlighting her position within the family structure.

She is the only child of her mother

As the only child of her mother and the only child from her father’s fourth wife, Akinyi occupies a unique position within the Odinga family.

This distinction may influence her relationships and interactions within the family dynamic.

Professional Engagement

Akinyi Walkowa is actively involved with the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation, indicating her commitment to continuing her family’s legacy of social and political engagement.

Additionally, her role as a psychotherapist and leadership coach showcases her expertise in fields related to personal development and well-being.

Multi-faceted skills

Akinyi Walkowa’s professional background is diverse, encompassing areas such as gender development, international relations, monitoring and evaluation, and psychotherapy.

This breadth of expertise suggests her versatility and ability to contribute to various sectors and initiatives.

Public Persona

Despite maintaining aspects of her private life, Akinyi Walkowa is also engaged in public discourse, as evidenced by her presence on social media platforms like Twitter.

Her involvement in leadership coaching and development consultancy underscores her commitment to promoting positive change and growth, both on an individual and societal level.

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