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Five ways Nairobi ladies use to get a free matatu ride

There are ways that a Nairobi woman can use to get a free matatu ride be it to work or school on those days they feel cheeky.

Here are some tips that will bag you that ride and in some cases a coffee date as well.

1. Pretending to have left your wallet

Don’t get me wrong, some people genuinely forget their wallets. But there also exists a brand of cheeky women, especially when their seatmate is a man, who will pretend to have left their wallets in the house so as to bag that free ride.

2. Chatting up the conductor

You see, conductors love attention, they love people who recognize how hard they work. Chatting them up before the matatu fills up may just soften their heart and they may tell you not to bother paying. Chances, however, are you will have to leave your number with them and later withstand those late night weird calls.

3. Taking too long to pull out your fare

This often works if you are seated next to a man whose ego cannot allow them to pull out a 50 bob note. Start by chatting them up to look like you know each other, as the conductor approaches your seat just engross yourself into the conversation so much and pretend that you did not notice the conductor signaling you for fare. Chances are the egocentric will pull out a note of a higher value and when asked “kama ni ya watu wawili”, he will nod.

4. Pretending to be asleep

No one like waking up a woman especially of they think you are deep in slumber. This act may just work especially if you are seated next to a fellow woman who will definitely refuse to honour the conductor’s pleas to wake up her neighbour. The conductor will then give up and opt to wait till you wake up and who knows, he may just end up forgetting.

5. Dandia

This is for the tom boys, just dandia a matatu and no conductor will ask you for fare. A woman who decided to just hang on a matatu instead of comfortably seating won’t be asked for fare, trust me. However, as you attempt this remember to have befriended the conductor before boarding as you might just be thrown out.