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Five ways to get over the long Mashujaa Day weekend

The Mashujaa Day long weekend is almost coming to an end and for most Nairobians, this is a nightmare.

Despite the government granting yet another holiday on Thursday (Election Day), Monday will not be an easy one for most.

Here is how to adjust from the long weekend;

1. Sleep early – Going to bed early this Sunday may just save you the hustle of trying to wake a sleepy body. Avoid caffeinated drinks this evening and retire to bed early to ensure you get some eight hours of sleep.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – After the heavy turn up and possibly alcoholic drinks downed this weekend. It’s time to hit the factory settings restore button with five litres of water. Seriously, hydrating will ensure you are set and ready to start the week, try it.

3. List your week in anticipation – Write down a list of things you need to get done on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday after the elections. This will fire you up and ensure you look forward to starting the week despite the long holiday you just had.

4. Have your favourite breakfast – By now you have an idea of what kind of meals get your moods up there. Ensure you have your best recipe’s ingredients ready before you sleep and wake up very early to prepare the meal that does wonders to your body.

5. Play some music – Maybe it’s the pop music that does the magic or some RnB, just play your faves early in the morning as you get ready for work and watch a smile erupt from your face to brighten up your Monday.