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Five ways to identify Nairobi’s Ben 10s and playboys

With the rising number of Ben 10s, who rely on older women for a living, and playboys, who think their sex prowess can absolve them of all mistakes, there is need for tips on how to identify these young men.

So here are the red flags that no women should ignore when you come across these types of men.

1. They have no house of their own

If a man is always living in friend’s houses, that’s the first alert of a Ben 10/playboy. They will most likely give excuses like, ‘I’m never around, so why pay a house bure?’ And chances are you will accommodate them for at least four days every week because you are in love.

2. They are pathological liars

This group of men never say the truth, even on obvious things like what they had for dinner. They will always quickly cook up an impressive answer that will make them look like important people in the society.

3. You can never know their whereabouts

These ones will never let you know what they are up to – not even when they are engaged in productive activities such as working out in the gym or having lunch. They will keep you guessing what they are up to and any attempts to enquire will be met by queries like, ‘kwani you don’t trust me?’

4. They do not own a car but move around town in the trendiest rides

Playboys and Ben 10s have mastered the art of impressing behind the wheels. Catch them dead with a non-sleek car as they will always borrow people’s hottest rides and sometimes even hire vehicles to create the impression of how rich they or their friends are.

5. They talk big

Playboys and Ben 10s are always cutting ‘deals’ worth millions of shillings, at least in their heads. They always talk big on how they are chasing this or the other deal worth a seven-digit figure. They often spend lots of cash on their women or those they are chasing. In the long run they own the women’s trust and begin living off them while using the money they borrow from these women to impress other girls. On and on, the cycle revolves, dare you ask what happened to the deal.