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Five ways to spend your Easter weekend safely

Whether it’s a family reunion, a road trip, or a camping getaway, there are  a myriad of activities that one could get up to this Easter weekend.

Since the crime rate has traditionally been known to spike during the holidays, opportunistic thugs will also see the holiday as an avenue to make a windfall.

With this in mind, security is of paramount concern no matter how one chooses to spend their Easter. Securex Agencies Limited has a few tips for you as you enjoy the long holiday.

1. Road Trip – Naivasha, Nakuru, and Lake Elementaita are popular destinations this time of year, or on any extended weekend.

Before you set off, be sure to let your family members know where you’ll be headed and who you’re travelling with. You should also let them know of the particulars of the car you’re in; the make, model, and registration number for instance.

It would also be prudent to keep your family members posted of your progress as you go along; think of it like checking in at every checkpoint along the way. That way they know where you are and that you’re safe.

2. Hosting a Party – It is the season to unwind and what better way to do it than have a few friends over and let your hair down a bit? Before you host one though, be sure to arrange for transport for your guests, especially if the party is likely to end late.

You should also consider getting all the red tape out of the way and getting the necessary permits from your local authority, as well as letting your neighbours know that you will be holding a party beforehand.

Fire poses a real threat during parties and it would be wise to safeguard from this risk. Limit access to the kitchen to only the chefs and insist that they not leave any lit cooker, stove, or grill unattended until the food is done. You should also consider getting fire extinguishers and fire blankets before the party begins.

3. Church “Kesha” – Christians will, as is the norm, fill up churches and places of worship to commemorate the occasion. Considering that overnight vigils, or “keshas,” tend to start late in the night and end before the sun comes up, security should be top-of-mind.

You should arrange for transport from your place of worship before heading out. You could also ask your church leadership to organize for additional security, perhaps in the form of more guards. Additionally, if you will be commuting via public means or walking to and fro, then be sure to do so in large groups of people you are familiar with.

4. Vacation/Holiday – You should do a little research on your holiday destination, know the prevalent crime trends in the area, and understand what sort of threat you might face if worst comes to worst. You should also look into the locals’ customs, dressing, culture, and traditions and look to respect this to avoid coming into conflict with conservative natives in the area.

Once you get there, be sure to blend in. Tourists are often targeted by opportunistic criminals just because they look out of place and perhaps disoriented. You should always have any local emergency contacts saved in your phone or memorized in case things take a turn for the worst.

5. Family reunions – As the host, it’s your responsibility to keep tabs on all the families coming over and their progress on the way to your home. You should also consider having a play area where the kids can be pre-occupied and maybe hire a baby-sitter to watch over them as they play and bond with their cousins.

In the spirit of preparedness, it would also be great to make sure everyone coming knows at least two ways to escape from the house in case things go south.