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Five ways to spice up your Easter weekend

The Easter break is finally here and with it, a majority of Kenyans are set to enjoy a four day break from their usual demanding schedules at work. So how best can you spend the holiday?

1. Spend time with family and friends – Kenyans love spending extended time off work with their close family members. The current period is no exception. The four day break is just about enough time to travel and check on dad, mum and the siblings in the village. Besides spending time with your loved ones, you may also take that time to supervise any projections you may be working on. But while at it, be kind enough to carry some shopping and gifts for your family members, friends and neighbours. You may also consider introducing your sweetheart to dad and mum at this time.

2. Extend a helping hand – For Christians, Easter is a season to sit and reflect on the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ during his 33 year old stay on earth, including giving out his life in a painful manner on the cross to save ours. So how about also making time for the less fortunate in the society? Sharing your time and surplus resources with the needy and less fortunate is not such a bad idea.

3. Getting away from town – You may also consider a short excursion out of town depending on the finances to sample the sandy beaches and warm weather at the coast. You could also visit several other tourist resorts upcountry which come with an additional package such as game parks and reserves. This will offer you and your family an opportunity to unwind, rest and reflect, and more importantly, recharge your batteries.

4. Go partying – For the young at heart, the extended break would call for having some organised fun, including visits to an entertainment joint or classic events and just having fun. The most important bit, however, is to enjoy responsibly.

5. Spend some time with God – Talk of saving the best for last. Easter comes along with that spiritual season concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. How better then, to spend some time reflect on this whilst heeding several lessons that come with it. A visit to the church would thus be the best possible route to achieving this.