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Top five lines ‘fisilets’ use to get their men

The dating game has changed over the years, leading women becoming the ‘hunters’ rather than the ‘hunted’. Here are some of the lines that women use to get their men.

1. Haki woiye si upitie kwa hao yangu inifixie aerial; haionyeshi NTV

If she wanted a handy man, the first person who usually falls victim is the estate askari, so if she call you with this lame line (and probably you stay in Kinoo and she lives in Kayole) just know there is more to it than fixing the TV aerial.

2. Come niko na mzinga kwa Nyumba

This line works like a charm on men. Who would not want to go and enjoy free alcohol and a meal that she probably sweated for, while you make yourself comfortable in her living room?

3. Hey guys, nilikuwa nauliza kama ile ni Zuku ama DSTV

Picture this, a cute girl sitting outside the balcony of her apartment suddenly notices good looking guys on the balcony of another apartment, and does not know how to initiate a conversation.

4. Nipitie kwangu ndio twende kwa bash pamoja

Instead of meeting up at the location of the party, she wants you to make an unnecessary stopover at her place first.

5. Hakuna mtu kwa nyumba na naogopa kulala peke yangu

Does this line still work?