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Fix Tanzania first, Kenyan leaders retort back at minister

Former Mandera Member of Parliament Abdikadir Mohammed has slammed Tanzania Foreign Affairs Minister Palamagamba Kabudi for his statement on Wednesday during the launch of BBI at the Bomas of Kenya.

Mr Mohammed did not agree with the Minister over his declaration that although Tanzania is a nation boasting of many sub-tribes they never talk about, encourage or praise tribes. That it is a nation of one tribe which is why many Kenyans are not aware that Tanzania has sub-tribes.

“Kenya na Tanzania sio majirani tuu ni ndugu, tena ni undugu wa damu. Wawe ni wadigo wa Kenya na Tanzania, wawe ni wataita wa Kenya na Tanzania, wawe ni wakamba wa Kenya na Tanzania, wawe ni wamaasai, lakini kwanini watu hawafahamu, au hawajui. Ni kwa sababu Tanzania hatuzungumzi makabila. Tanzania hatukuzi makabila, makabila yapo lakini hatuyakuzii, hatuyatukuzi ndio maana kule kila mtu ni Mtanzania,” said Mr Kabudi.


But Mr Mohammed in his opinion felt that Tanzania has other pressing matters that need to be addressed such as press freedom.

“The TZ Foreign Affairs Minister had some wise words for Kenyans yesterday at Bomas…pity he doesn’t dish out the same back home where they shoot up Opposition MPs and lock up Journalists,” tweeted Mr Mohammed.

The former legislator sentiments appear to be carried by others including former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.

Who tweeted back saying, “He also did not admit that ethnicization of politics is in full gear in TZ!”