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ERC now scraps Sh150 monthly electricity fixed charge

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has announced that electricity consumers will no longer pay the Sh150 monthly fixed charge.

In its first review of electricity tariffs since 2013, the commission said the move to remove fixed charges from the 2018/2019 tariffs will reduce the cost.

“To ensure that there’s equity and consumers pay for power only when they consume, all fixed charges for all consumer categories have been removed. This is meant to reduce the many cost items in the customer bills & simplify understanding of the bills,” ERC wrote in a statement.


The commission said the decision was arrived at after numerous complaints by electricity domestic customers that led to public hearings.

“The overall unit cost of power reduce from Kshs 17.77/KWh in 2017/18 to Kshs 16.64/Kwh 2018/19 representing an overall reduction of costs by 6% over the Tariff Control period,” the commission wrote.

The commission said the new tariff takes effect immediately.