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FKF, KPL talks collapse

By DAVID KWALIMWA February 18th, 2015 1 min read

The eagerly anticipated talks between Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) that were meant to avert a looming crisis and possible parallel top flight leagues this season have collapsed.

The talks had been initiated by the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts Hassan Wario on Monday evening, with a stern warning that any result other than an agreement would evoke sanctions.

The two parties are wrangling over funds, management and whether or not to increase of the number of teams participating in the competition.

Reports suggest the talks broke down after FKF suggested that some of the contentious issues be subjected to a vote, a proposal KPL out rightly rejected.


FKF were also willing to facilitate the extra number of teams in the competition but KPL would have none of that as well.

Other unconfirmed reports claim the league sponsors were not ready to facilitate the 18 team league, insisting that it had to maintain the 16-club format.

Earlier, the six hour long talks was subjected to a high profile walkout from one of KPL’s most influential personalities, Bob Munro.

Following this development, all eyes now turn to the Kenyan Government and world governing body Fifa on the next course of action.