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FKF ‘suspension’ hoax causes panic

By DAVID KWALIMWA February 18th, 2015 2 min read

The local football scene was sent into frenzy on Tuesday evening, thanks to what later turned out to be an inaccurate Facebook post implying that the Government had disbanded Football Kenya Federation (FKF).

“Sports Minister Hassan Wario has dissolved FKF with immediate effect and appointed a caretaker committee headed by Peter Kenneth to take charge for 60 days. There would be an election after that. I am sure (FKF President Sam) Nyamweya is already in court,” Tim Kamuzu Banda posted on Facebook moments after 2pm.

This information – which later turned out be untrue – triggered a flurry phone calls into the newsroom from football fans and other stakeholders.

Even journalists got sucked in by the hoax with some making calls to the Ministry of Sports officials seeking “clarifications”.

Meanwhile, this matter soon became a trending subject on both Facebook and Twitter, with users offering varied opinions.


“Even if it were true that @AreroWario disbanded FKF (we know he wants to), entertainment writers like @TKB101 wouldn’t be the source.” @Kenyafootball responded.

Kenneth, a Presidential candidate in the 2013 General elections and a former boss of Kenya Football Federation, was in the meantime forced to publicly deny knowledge of an imminent return into football management.

“Am not aware (of this development) must be a hoax” Kenneth tweeted, before adding, “Karibu, and tell whoever the guy (who is spreading the rumours) is, to stop lying to Kenyans”

FKF has been on the spotlight recently owing to a well documented spat with its affiliate the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) over the running of the top flight competition that rakes in Sh 500 million annually.

The matter has since forced the Government’s hand, with the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts Hassan Wario declaring that he wouldn’t hesitate to “suspend the officials and all football activities in the country”