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Flamboyant lawyer Kipkorir calls Kenyans ‘hypocrites’ for unflattering tributes to Achieng’ Abura

Flamboyant Nairobi lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir has blasted Kenyans called them hypocrites for sending glowing tributes to the late Achieng’ Abura who passed away on Thursday night at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Mr Kipkorir is particularly upset by the fact that politicians, entertainers and netizens have all been on social media sending their condolences to her family yet when she needed them most while she was alive no one came to help her.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mr Kipkorir also took issue with Kenya Breweries for not helping the musician yet she previously worked for them in the Tusker Project Fame reality show.

“Hypocrisy of Kenyans ought to end, and must end. If you didn’t support someone when alive, don’t claim them when dead,” wrote the lawyer who also promised to help the late musician’s son.

In an interview she did with The Business Daily on July 7, 2016, the late musician talked of how she was let down by everyone close to her when she held a fund raiser for her sick son that attracted less than 10 people.

The single mother has been struggling to raise funds for her 23 year old sick son for the last five years after they discovered that he had a heart condition along with the sickle cell anaemia.

According to the late Abura, they needed up to Sh12 million to airlift him to the UK where he could get the treatment he needed.

In the interview she was asked if she had engaged her circle of performing artistes to help her and her answer was shocking.


“Let me put it straight up. There is this notion that we artistes are very rich, and yes, we don’t do too poorly. But five years is a long time to maintain a situation. I called a harambee and there was less than 10 people,” she told Jackson Biko.

Most of her friends still went ahead and refused to attend her show, this despite her supporting and raising money for various courses.

“Then we did a show with Suzanne, Makadem… a big line-up. Still, we didn’t get the numbers. I’ve raised money for so many things and I was hoping that somebody in turn says, “Okay, let’s support her.” I have learnt one thing from this experience; the people who don’t have that much are the ones who donate to help. But the people who you are certain have, they don’t give,” she said during the interview.

On her last post on social media Ms Abura hinted she might have been sick, writing, “I have lost over 50 kgs in the last three Years. Everything is hanging and weak. Walking is a problem with pains all over. Doctor says I must add 30 kgs then lose it as I exercise and firm up. The irony of life.”